U Mulinu; Corsica in Paris

U Mulinu; Corsica in Paris

Published on June 15, 2019 in Paris "OUT"

Do you dream of an authentic and excellent restaurant that is totally in keeping with the spirit of your C.O.Q. Hotel? Here is one we love; the U Mulinu and its Migliacci Macagna bar. Even better, it’s only about a ten-minute walk from the hotel.


U Mulinu; the cuisine and atmosphere of Corsica

We could tell you about the quality of the ingredients, the finesse of the cooking, the authenticity of the recipes and the kindness of the welcome. But it would never be enough to convey the full-on experience that is an evening at U Mulinu. We should mention, however, the explosion of flavours you’ll find on the plates and in the glasses of this fine establishment. Expat Corsicans, gourmets of the island’s cuisine and those to whom it’s all new are immediately bewitched by the taste of the lamb, the figatellu fondant, the slight acidity of the spring brocciu and so many more gastronomic delights.


And there’s more...

To add to the experience, study the menu closely. There is always a pearl of local humour, the famous macagna, which you’ll find in there and which will immediately evoke thoughts of evenings in the Citadel of Bastia, the Port of Calvi or on the beaches of Ajaccio... Finally, as soon as the fine weather arrives, the terrace is opened and becomes an irresistible invitation for you to enjoy your meal under the stars. Conversations start up, friendships are made and the evening ends naturally at the bar. You’ll almost be surprised to step outside and find yourself in the streets of Paris!

U Mulinu represents what we at the C.O.Q. Hotel love about our neighbourhood; places full of charm where the joie de vivre is palpable and the savoir-faire profound. Great food, a warm and friendly atmosphere, a welcoming environment; what more could you ask?



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