Two addresses to discover close to the C.O.Q. Hotel

Two addresses to discover close to the C.O.Q. Hotel

Published on November 1, 2022 in Paris "OUT"

During your stay at the C.O.Q. Hotel, you can enjoy a timeless experience just a five-minute walk from your COQuettish and cosy room. Head to the Bar 1802 and the restaurant Le Grand Dictionnaire, both located in the Hotel Monte Cristo, a member of the same hotel group as the C.O.Q. Paying homage to the great writer Alexandre Dumas, both the bar and the restaurant will immerse you in an exotic and refined atmosphere that is also deliciously gourmet oriented.  


An ode to rum

The Bar 1802 is renowned as the essential place in Paris for rum connoisseurs. Indeed, with more than 1,000 types from all over the world, it offers a unique experience. However, what matters above all is the team's desire to share their knowledge, introduce the uninitiated to the taste and aromatic richness of this multifaceted spirit, and provide the opportunity for a pleasurable interlude in the heart of Paris. Whether you opt for cocktails from the Menu Essentiel or grand cru tastings, you can simply relax and savour this nectar!


Take a table at the Grand Dictionnaire

Alexandre Dumas again provides the inspiration as the Grand Dictionnaire evokes both the novelist’s encyclopaedia of cuisine and his insatiable appetite. In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you can discover a menu of generous dishes comprising seasonal ingredients prepared with creativity and inspiration. A journey around the world of flavours, the Grand Dictionnaire invites you to enjoy a colourful and original dining experience.


For one evening, why not leave the nest of the C.O.Q. Hotel and check out the Bar 1802 and the Grand Dictionnaire restaurant? An evocative and intimate atmosphere, a sense of sharing and conviviality, and an exceptional drinking and dining experience… Everything is in place so you can enjoy a charmingly indulgent interlude...


Hôtel Monte Cristo
20 - 22 Rue Pascal 75005 Paris
Tél. : +33 1 40 09 09 09

Bar 1802
22 Rue Pascal 75005 Paris
Tél. : 01 40 09 09 09


Restaurant Le Grand Dictionnaire
19 Rue Pascal 75005 Paris
Tél. : +33 7 66 40 17 65

Photo: Agence Webcom

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