The passion of chocolate

The passion of chocolate

Published on December 15, 2019 in Paris "OUT"

Of course, we love chocolate all year long! But if there’s a dream season for chocoholics, it’s obviously Christmas. At the C.O.Q. Hotel, we invite you to push your desire for chocolate to the max with all our great plans for indulging your passion... Follow us; we’re as greedy as you!


Chocolate; let's share a Christmas log

What’s the essential ingredient for a Christmas dinner? Some will say foie gras, others make a case for caviar, while a few will always opt for champagne. But if there is one tasty treat that we like to find on our party tables, it’s the bûche de Noël (Christmas log), of course! Discover the Christmas logs created by the great chefs, whether you taste them in their shops or during a leisurely tea-time elsewhere. For our part, we’ve gone crazy over the Christmas logs of Christophe Michalak and Pierre Marcolini, not to mention the Black Forest version crafted by Arnaud Larher... But we’re happy to keep an open mind (and avaricious eye)!


Get your hands in the cocoa paste

Perhaps this brief discussion has put you in the mood to make your own Christmas log? If so, we recommend the once closely guarded recipe of the chef Nicolas Paciello, who gave us all a great gift last Christmas by publishing his recipe book, which included his chocolate hazelnut rolled log! Don’t worry, there’s no need to have 10 years of training and all the equipment of a chocolate laboratory; the recipe is fool proof.

Passionate chocolate lovers know the true meaning of Christmas! Share your love of chocolate with us during your stay at the C.O.Q. Hotel. In return, we will give you all our insider secrets such as the best places to find Christmas logs made by the great chefs or the recipe for a chocolate hazelnut log, Paciello style...



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