The Grande Surface - Galerie Festive; amazing and unclassifiable

The Grande Surface - Galerie Festive; amazing and unclassifiable

Published on July 15, 2019 in Paris "OUT"

Which adjective should we choose to give you an idea of ​​what the Grande Surface - Galerie Festive is all about? Original? Unexpected? As the name suggests - or not! – the Grande Surface - Galerie Festive is a fun place that is dedicated to both art and partying. The one thing that’s certain is that we at the C.O.Q. Hotel are fans!


What is the Grande Surface - Galerie Festive?

What can be done with the premises when a supermarket closes? One possibility is to turn it into a combination of an art gallery, restaurant, bar, and concert and dance venue. That is exactly what has been done here, creating a must-see place where visitors can experience life and culture. A space of 1,500 m² spread over three floors hosts exhibitions by contemporary artists but also happenings, live DJ sessions and more, all taking place in a luxurious and bourgeois district that’s rather more famous for its classicism.


Experiencing the Grande Surface - Galerie Festive  

Acquiring a suitable unused space and turning it into something useful! The main concept behind ​​the Grande Surface is to create an ‘uninhibited version’ of an art gallery. Thus, you can browse the different spaces to admire the works, reflect on the intentions of the creator and get a feel for the new trends. You can also simply stop by to sample the cuisine of the chef Fabien Gomez or drink an aperitif with friends. The Galerie Festive opens every day at 11:00 am and remains open until late! Note that this year, the Grande Surface can be discovered at the Jardin Suspendu and will return to its neighbourhood at the end of the summer.

The C.O.Q. Hotel team loves offbeat experiences and places that make perfect sense while remaining perfectly uninhibited. The Grande Surface - Galerie Festive is absolutely in this spirit! Enjoy it now as it will close its doors in December.



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La Grande Surface - Galerie Festive 

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