The Grand Dictionnaire; a gastronomic discovery

The Grand Dictionnaire; a gastronomic discovery

Published on September 15, 2019 in Coq "IN"

We are delighted to introduce to the C.O.Q Hotel family our little brother, the Hotel Monte Cristo, located a few streets from us. This summer our lovely sibling opened his restaurant, the Grand Dictionnaire. We can give this tasty new venture our highest recommendation!


The Grand Dictionnaire in a few words

Before talking about flavours, let's focus on the story behind this original name for a restaurant. No, it’s not an allusion to any mainstream dictionary or lexicon or the Académie Française, the authority regarding the French language, but a reference to the life, or rather to the many lives, of the great Alexandre Dumas. In addition to his activities as a novelist, playwright, politician, adventurer and seducer, Dumas found time to write an enormous culinary encyclopaedia. An amazing book from which the chef of the Grand Dictionnaire draws inspiration...


Grand Dictionnaire


Passion resulting in excellence

By seeking to carry on the work of a tutelary figure as majestic as he was demanding, the chef of the Grand Dictionnaire and his team were honour-bound to aim for excellence. The attractively presented and delicious results can be seen right there on the plate. Seasonal produce, always fresh and fully prepared and cooked on site, becomes an enchantment of colours and flavours in the hands of this talented chef. The result is an inviting menu to delight culinary travellers and those who love to discover regional specialities, featuring timeless dishes that have been given a new lease of life; cuisine that is as elegant as it is tasty.

The restaurant Le Grand Dictionnaire is an address that your C.O.Q. Hotel recommends without hesitation as we are as sure of the quality of the cuisine as we are of the warmth of the welcome. Check out this fine establishment, which fulfils the C.O.Q. ethos 100%!



More information:

- Instagram account of Grand Dictionnaire

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