The C.O.Q. Hotel: a C.O.Q.uettish backdrop

The C.O.Q. Hotel: a C.O.Q.uettish backdrop

Published on October 1, 2023 in Coq "IN"

Looking for an original location full of character for your photo shoots? The C.O.Q. Hotel offers its common spaces and rooms for your use, allowing you to create your world and demonstrate your products and campaigns. Take advantage of our bohemian chic and arty atmosphere, along with our mix of conviviality and Parisian elegance, here in the heart of the 13th arrondissement!


In the picture

With its light, colours, and design details, the world of C.O.Q. is perfect for a Parisian break. It can also form the backdrop for your professional photo sessions. From the cosy fireplace to the soothing atmosphere of the winter garden, via the conviviality of our cinema area, the warm colours of the rooms, and the design details of the lounge, the hotel offers a wealth of visually appealing settings which can easily be integrated into your project. There’s plenty of natural light and the decor creates a contemporary setting that is easy to make your own.


And more…

We’ve thought of everything for the professionals who stay at the C.O.Q. Hotel when it’s time for a photo shoot. Our team will inform you quickly and precisely about the hotel’s assets and the possibilities of each space and show you the technical equipment available. We can arrange the catering for your meal and snack breaks, provide a changing facility and accommodate you and your colleagues for a night or more. At each stage of your project, you will be supported by a friendly and efficient team who will be happy to take care of the details so you can concentrate on the essentials: your shoot.


In the heart of Paris, in the very creative 13th arrondissement, the C.O.Q. Hotel welcomes you for your photo shoots. Contact our team to discuss your project, visit our various common areas and rooms and get a quote. We’re waiting for you!   


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COQ Hotel Parisa unique and trendy hotel in the heart of the 13th arrondissement of Paris