The Brewberry; bliss for beer buffs

The Brewberry; bliss for beer buffs

Published on February 5, 2019 in Paris "OUT"

Your C.O.Q Hotel loves discovering new places and highlighting high-quality artisanal products. From among the trends of the moment, our teams have no hesitation in bringing the Brewberry to your attention. This shop and bar specialising in traditional brews has become one of the brightest stars in the Parisian nightlife constellation...


The Brewberry embraces the unexpected

When you hear the words ‘beer bar’, you instantly imagine a counter with beautiful dark woodwork, green leather benches and perhaps an Irish vibe. The Brewberry defies these expectations. Simple, bright and well-designed, it has a zinc counter and small tables dot the room. The atmosphere is welcoming. Everywhere, slates display the beer of the moment, the latest IPA recommendations or the dishes of the day. Another nice surprise is that this little gem is situated in the Latin Quarter, in an area known for rather impersonal bars or ones with a cliched theme. However, the Brewberry has its own character and is a haven for locals, beer buffs and visitors from around the world.


More than a science, it’s an art

At the Brewberry, beer is a serious subject that is treated with respect and insight. You can taste craft beers from around the world and the owner will talk about the subject with passion if you show an interest. But don’t worry if you’re not a beer geek; they don’t drown you in a flood of insider vocabulary but will simply let you know which beers would best suit your tastes. If you need further convincing, here are figures to make your mouth water; 24 craft beers are on tap and 450 brands are available in bottles at the Brewberry cellar across the street. And if you have an event to celebrate, the Brewberry can be privately hired!

Find the friendly, quirky spirit, in love with the beautiful things in life, of the C.O.Q Hotel in the Brewberry bar, a few steps from the Place Monge. Timeless moments await you!



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