Sweetspot Paris; the irresistible spreads bar

Sweetspot Paris; the irresistible spreads bar

Published on September 15, 2018 in Paris "OUT"

Have you ever heard of such a charming, deliciously retro and extremely tasty concept? The Sweetspot is a Paris eatery where the focus is what you spread on your bread. It offers a cornucopia of spreads, including many that are artisan and off the beaten track! If this spreads bar is intended to expand our gourmet horizons, then it’s a mission that’s more than successful!


Sweetspot; the Parisian temple of spreads

In the dark days before the coming of Sweetspot, we had a tendency to limit ourselves to the tried and tested likes of chocolate flavours, salted butter caramel and the occasional marshmallow! But now the spread revolution is truly underway with this Parisian place of 100% pleasure. Sweetspot gives you the opportunity to discover spreads from around the world, including some that are joyously unusual and even decadent, including turron creams, marrons glacés and even calisson concentrates. Fruits are not forgotten, either, as there are jams, jellies and extravagant coulis to savour. Lovers of peanut, cashew and other nut butters will go crazy over the very extensive selection offered by Sweetspot. For those who wish to try something different, here is a dream come true, in the Mouffetard district of the 5th arrondissement.


COQ Hotel, an establishment unlike any other

Located in the 13th arrondissement, on the Left Bank, the COQ is more than just a hotel; it’s an experience. Fashionable, lively, zany and chic, the COQ Hôtel delights its clientele of urban trendy guests who love its contemporary decor with vintage touches and its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. At any time of the day you can take advantage of the hotel bar, the softly coloured reception desk and the charming winter garden. Book your room today !


Photo : Compte Instagram du Sweetspot @le_sweetspot