Succumb to the temptation of a Raclette Party!

Succumb to the temptation of a Raclette Party!

Published on November 5, 2019 in Coq "IN"

One of the big benefits of winter - some would say the only benefit - is that you can enjoy a warming, delicious raclette. While enjoying your stay at the C.O.Q. Hotel, you are invited to rediscover the delights and conviviality of a Raclette Party!


A Raclette Party at the C.O.Q. Hotel

A Raclette Party is well in keeping with the ethos of the C.O.Q - Community of Quality - Hotel. There is indeed the spirit of community in the sharing of special moments around a tempting piece of melting cheese accompanied by a light red wine or a dry white wine such as a Savoie. Quality is also at the forefront with a choice of exceptional produce, from the raclette cheese, selected to satisfy all tastes, to the irresistible platters of charcuterie, not to mention our assortment of drinks.


Experience the C.O.Q. Hotel

Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, your C.O.Q. Hotel invites you to its Raclette Party, which takes place in the hotel’s communal areas. We seek to create places where our guests can enjoy socialising or being alone, working or dreaming, chatting or reading. Deep sofas, a comforting fireplace, coffee tables inviting you to take a cup of tea or pick up the latest Prix Goncourt winner; it all tempts you to take a break from the hectic pace of the capital and your activities. As the first frosts arrive, it seems natural to host winter evenings just as we like them, around a raclette!

There’s a thousand reasons to celebrate the coming of winter. While waiting for Christmas and all its excitement, come and warm up with a Raclette Party at your C.O.Q. Hotel. At €29, unlimited wine included, it would be a shame to deprive yourself!



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