Our recommended place to shop; the Bazar Français

Our recommended place to shop; the Bazar Français

Published on January 5, 2020 in Paris "OUT"

Our name, the C.O.Q. Hotel, is not a meaningless title but rather the summary of our whole spirit; the Community of Quality! And in keeping with that spirit, we recommend to you a concept store that fully shares our worldview; the Bazar Français. Read on as we tell all!



Shopping Bazar Français-style


Are you fed up with things you’ve seen a thousand times or been copied a thousand times, imported from the end of the world without any assessment of either their social or environmental impact? Do you love shopping but only in an eco-friendly and socially responsible way? We know the place you’re looking for; the Bazar Français. After three years of internet-only existence, the brand’s first bricks and mortar shop has just opened in the 6th arrondissement, about twenty minutes from your C.O.Q. Hotel. The principle behind this enterprise is to offer products that are 100% made in France, in limited numbers, by committed artisans and creatives.


You’ll love the Bazar


The mission of the Bazaar Français is to bring together in one place all the craftspeople who produce goods wholly made in France and are singularly successful in their region or throughout the world and to offer them a platform on which they can create and innovate. For you, the advantage is you get to do your shopping without worrying about sources because each product meets the environmental and social commitments of the made in France ethos. Fashion for men, women and children, jewellery, home goods; you’ll not lack choice or ideas and can follow the renewal of the collections on the online store before visiting the Parisian boutique.

Supporting artisans and creatives who work well and with respect for the environment is something we commit to anew every day by bringing to your attention and sharing the initiatives that are important to us. This is the spirit 



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