Our Gaming nights will make you love winter!

Our Gaming nights will make you love winter!

Published on January 20, 2018 in Coq "IN"

The sun seems to have gone into hiding behind the clouds. The grey Parisian winter is still very much with us. But instead of giving in to a fit of gloom, why not make the most of these dark and chilly evenings by staying warm in the COQ Hôtel's inviting and ultra-cosy lounge? This is a particularly interesting prospect for gamers because we are organising two gaming evenings for February 6th and 28th. Grab your controllers and go!


Defend your colours with FIFA 18

Passionate, beginners or the simply curious alike are invited to share moments of fun and excitement in a festive atmosphere. It's time to challenge family or friends to sporting competitions on giant screens. FIFA 18, the most popular football simulation video game, will amaze you with its technical brilliance and incredible precision, featuring situations and moves that have never been closer to the real world.


Will you be first to cross the finish line with Mario?

Want to burn up the asphalt? Take advantage of the technical advantages of the Switch console and come face-to-face in multi-player games on Mario Kart Switch in a tournament combining battles and traditional races. On the road, in the air, under the water, on a motorcycle, in a hang glider or a kart, engage in frenetic races, chain the skids, drive upside down and treat yourself to incredible adrenaline rushes!


On the food & beverage side

To complete the party atmosphere, the COQ Hotel is again planning a gourmet break during the gaming evenings. Enjoy a deli and cheese board with a free drink per person. All for the modest sum of 25 euros per person. As a bonus and one more reason to come, a bottle of wine will be offered to the winners of the tournament. But remember to book your tickets quickly!