Merci and its restaurants

Merci and its restaurants

Published on August 5, 2019 in Paris "OUT"

Merci is barely a decade old but has become an essential aspect of the Parisian shopping scene. With its inimitable collections of fashion items and accessories as well as goods for the home, this eclectic concept store and its restaurants and cafes embody the art of living, and we at the C.O.Q. Hotel happily recommend it to you!


The magic of Merci

You wander in to look around and you come out several hours later with your arms loaded with packages and your head full of warm memories of delicious delicacies tasted. It's to be expected. You have just experienced the Merci effect. Situated on the Boulevard Beaumarchais, in the historic Marais district, Merci boasts an exceptional setting. Its garden, paved courtyard, beautifully designed interior spaces and vintage fireplaces offer the ideal surroundings in which to present collections full of charm and freshness.


A big merci to Merci

You might be introduced to Merci as a clothing and accessories store or as a trendy place to pick up the latest pieces for the home. Thus preoccupied, you could easily overlook three lovely places to grab a bite and a drink. The Cantine Merci, the Used Book Café and the Cinema Café await your pleasure. Choose your preferred ambiance; a romantic spot overlooking the garden, a haven for bibliophiles on the store’s ground floor, or a movie-themed eatery overlooking the street. Whichever you select, you’ll always find a tempting assortment of delicious, fresh, healthy and seasonal food. Whether you want a lunch, brunch or coffee break, here is everything you need. No frills, it's just delicious!

Merci is the typical kind of place we at the C.O.Q. Hotel love to recommend. It has savoir-faire, beautiful goods and true style. Need a little more convincing? Part of the profits are donated to associations financing development projects in Madagascar.



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