Les Puces du Design; for vintage and contemporary design enthusiasts

Les Puces du Design; for vintage and contemporary design enthusiasts

Published on March 10, 2019 in Paris "OUT"

Born from an off-the-wall idea to devote a flea market to design, Les Puces du Design first came into being on the pavements of the 2nd arrondissement. 20 years later, the Design Fair Paris / Les Puces du Design has become an event of international importance that takes over the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre for four days.


Les Puces du Design; indulging a passion for design

A truly unique event, Les Puces du Design is nonetheless constantly evolving. Entirely dedicated to the design of the 50s through to today, it forms a link between all styles of vintage creations, new crafts of very high quality and contemporary production. Aimed as much at professionals as it is at collectors and browsers, this event continues to honour beauty in everyday forms such as furniture, clothes, objects, accessories and more.


Stroll the aisles of this amazing design flea market

Offering a journey into the heart of design, the Puces is organised around three ‘villages’. The village of vintage design gives carte blanche to a selection of antique dealers from all over Europe. The village of contemporary design has emphasised the link between the vintage and current worlds since 2016, exhibiting the cutting-edge choices of a handful of creators. Next, the village of vintage fashion offers originals, clothing, accessories, leather goods, glasses and more. Finally, the exhibition-event and designers-makers street wraps up your fascinating journey.

Find the inventive and creative spirit of your C.O.Q Hotel in this original salon full of inventiveness and elegance that is Les Puces du Design! Do not miss this spring appointment from April 11th to 14th.



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