Fantastic Street Art exhibition in the sewers of Paris

Fantastic Street Art exhibition in the sewers of Paris

Published on June 15, 2018 in Paris "OUT"

Looking for an unusual activity for your weekend in Paris? Why not go down to the bottom of the capital to discover a new exhibition? The COQ Hotel Paris recommends "Legendes Souterraines", a street art exhibition in the sewers of Paris, as you've never seen before.


Codex Urbanus, fantastic graffiti artist

The Sewer Museum of Paris located in the 7th arrondissement plans to close soon its doors for renovation from July 2018 to early 2020. Before its forced break of a few months, this little known place, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, asked Codex Urbanus to liven up and animate the sewer corridors.

As a graffiti artist, Codex Urbanus is particularly famous in Montmartre where, since 2011, he has created a fantastic bestiary. More accustomed to expressing his talent in the open air on the walls of the 18th, Codex Urbanus submitted the idea to the service of Paris Cleanliness in charge of Sewer.


Codex Urbanus


Funny creatures in Paris belly

Urbanus' fantasies plunge into the abyss of the earth inspired by certain urban myths like Eleonore, a female Nile crocodile actually found here in 1984. A curious grasshopper armed with crab claws awaits the public on the stairs. Seven stencils with animal motifs emblematic of the sewers, revisited like Ninja Turtles, mark the course of the museum. Each carries a letter of the word corresponding to the force used to pump water.


Technical challenges in a hostile environment

Codex Urbanus had to face many difficulties to give birth to his work, such as a hostile and wet environment, a foul smell, little light... The technical challenges to overcome the humidity have thus succeeded one another... His only fear today comes from the sky and the whims of the weather that would come, during the exhibition, drown the galleries.


Photo credits : Codex Urbanus - Instagram