Easter brunch at the C.O.Q; chocolate in all its variations

Easter brunch at the C.O.Q; chocolate in all its variations

Published on April 10, 2019 in Coq "IN"

Every Sunday, the C.O.Q. Hotel organises a tasty brunch comprised of fresh and responsibly sourced ingredients. To celebrate this Easter weekend, the team decided to reach out and create a partnership with Cookut, creator of playful, friendly and environmentally-friendly cooking utensils. Discover and enjoy a crazy little C.O.Q. cocktail and the kitchen equipment designed by Cookut when you join us for a chocolate brunch!


Put together your own Easter brunch

The ecologically-sound Cookut equipment placed in the salle de brunch of the C.O.Q. Hotel on Easter Sunday and Monday are an invitation to get stuck in and unleash your creative side. You can make your own individual chocolate fondue. A handy little item called the Lumi Choco is provided for your use. Heated by a candle, it melts chocolate in minutes. The C.O.Q. also offers an assortment of fruits and marshmallows for dipping. In the same spirit, you can try a gadget that makes delicious pancakes ready for topping off with Chantilly cream whipped into shape with the Creazy whipped cream maker.

Brunch de pâques au COQ Hotel

A brunch without chicken but in the C.O.Q. spirit

For Easter, the C.O.Q. has chosen to be true to its offbeat and fun spirit by steering clear of the themes of chicks and chocolate eggs. We offer no casserole or fish, as you’ll find everywhere else, but delicious chocolate cakes and cookies to add a sinfully tempting appeal to the already appetising classic C.O.Q. brunch buffet. Because, in addition to the Cookut brand’s creations, you will of course find everything that makes brunch at the C.O.Q. so charming and delightful; house quiches, freshly squeezed fruit juice, Poilane bread, viennoiseries and, of course, Damman teas and Terres de Café coffees.

Make the most of the long Easter weekend by heading to the C.O.Q. Hotel to discover all the brunch delicacies that await you. A word to the wise; places are limited!


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