Dose; an exceptional coffee shop

Dose; an exceptional coffee shop

Published on January 5, 2019 in Paris "OUT"

Here at the C.O.Q. Hotel we like to share our favourite Parisian addresses. However, with Dose, it's more than just a crush, it's become a full-blown passion bordering on obsession. This dealer de café offers a welcoming ambiance and a quality of coffee that will delight even the most discerning and demanding. And when it’s accompanied by a fondant muffin ... let’s just call it sheer bliss!


Dose; an excellent café

At Dose, coffee is elevated to the status of an art. Everything is mastered to perfection, from traditional roasting to the daily adjustment of the machines and the impeccable service. This thorough attention to detail and high standards guarantees you a splendid nectar to be savoured in inviting and convivial surroundings. The aromas create a spell of temptation as soon as you set foot inside the door, immersing you in pure delight. Admire the skill of the baristas and enjoy the results of their roasting savoir faire.


Not only coffee...

Are you passionate about coffee but accompanied in your travels by a tea lover? No problem, the Dose Café also offers a wide selection of drinks that are always exceptional. Organic juices refresh and give a boost, while the finest teas from around the world await your pleasure. Finally, it would be a shame to miss the delicacies offered by the Dose. Throughout the day, muffins, pastries and savoury dishes titillate the taste buds and mingle with the scents of espresso. Check out the Sunday brunch, too; it's a marvel!

At Dose, you will find exceptional coffees prepared and served with special care. You’ll also find a smile, the pleasure that only good things bring and a warm and relaxed ambiance. More than a delightful discovery, the Dose is a real sensory experience.



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