COQuettish temptations for when you feel peckish

COQuettish temptations for when you feel peckish

Published on March 1, 2023 in Coq "IN"

While relaxing like a C.O.Q. en pâte in your room at the C.O.Q. Hotel, you might begin to feel peckish. At any time, our ‘homemade’ room service is at your beck and call, whether you fancy a late dinner, a lunch with a difference, or you have the morning munchies. And to tempt you, here are some details to make your mouth water…


Homemade pleasures to share

Savour the flavours of seasonal produce, fresh and mostly locally sourced. Share the joys of conviviality and timeless moments while relishing delicious dishes. Enjoy the pleasures of a tasting with your loved ones or friends. These are all values that are dear to our hearts, and they await you thanks to the C.O.Q. Hotel's homemade room service menu. Just call the reception and you can partake of our room service delights while relaxing in the cocoon of your room.


The charms of our room service menu

An emblematic dish of our early childhood, the pasta shells called coquillettes can also flatter the taste buds of adults! COQuillettes are in the spotlight at midday (from 11:00 until 15:00) along with a side dish of truffle parmesan ham or Emmental ham with pesto. At any time, you can enjoy a platter of charcuterie or cheese served in your room or in the dining room. It’s a perfect COQuettish meal to keep your strength up when you’re dealing with business in our coworking space. Make coworking just like cocooning when you tuck into our C.O.Q.uillettes!


With its cosy ambiance, arty decor, and exhibitions by favourite artists, the C.O.Q. Hotel is a haven in which you can relax in the heart of Paris. And for you C.O.Q.cooners, we have conC.O.Q.ted a homemade room service menu that will make you want to stay in your C.O.Q.coon! 


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