Brunch at the C.O.Q. Hotel

Brunch at the C.O.Q. Hotel

Published on January 15, 2020 in Coq "IN"

One thing is certain, it’s not the crowing of a cock that will wake you up on Sunday morning at the C.O.Q. Hotel but the prospect of something irresistibly tempting looming up over your gastronomic horizon! Yes, it’s time to come and enjoy our Sunday brunch. Treat yourself to an assortment of delicacies and drinks that will make your Sunday morning a totally delicious and satisfying delight.


On our brunch menu


At the C.O.Q. Hotel, we always favour the highest quality. Whether it’s the work of artisans that we appreciate and whose history we enjoy telling you about, or the finest quality ethically sourced products, we prefer to focus on the best. It’s therefore only natural that, gracing our Sunday table you’ll find delicious Poilâne bread, Alain Milliat jams, Terres de Café x C.O.Q coffee and Dammann teas. And this is only a seductive glimpse at what you’ll find there!


Brunch for everyone!


Our restaurant area welcomes you for brunch from 11:30 to 14:00. Are you just about emerging from a long sleep following an overindulgent evening? Opt for crusty baguette tartines, tasty croissants or some muesli and muffins washed down with fresh fruit juice. Are you an early riser who’s already been for a jog or a visit to a museum? Quiche lorraine, tomato mozzarella salad, an assortment of cheeses and charcuteries as well as fresh fruit and macarons will satisfy small appetites and big cravings alike. Whatever your pace and preference, you’re sure to find something to savour when you sit down to our brunch.

At the C.O.Q. Hotel we do everything possible to ensure our guests enjoy moments of conviviality and sharing, preferably centred around excellent produce. Sundays are all about laziness and indulgence, so kick back, take it easy and enjoy our brunch!



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