Breakfast C.O.Q-style

Breakfast C.O.Q-style

Published on October 1, 2022 in Coq "IN"

Before the rooster has crowed, the C.O.Q. Hotel is busy putting together an exceptional breakfast for you. Enjoy our breakfast buffet in warm and friendly surroundings, whether you are an early riser in a hurry to get to work or a late riser because you’re a fan of C.O.Q.ooning.

Carefully selected ingredients

At the buffet of the C.O.Q. Hotel, you’ll find exceptional produce and ingredients! We pride ourselves on taking your breakfast very seriously. Are you more of a charcuterie and cheese type? We select artisanal produce from reputable suppliers, most often organic. Do you like a sweet start to the day? Our jams, also artisanal, can be enjoyed on toast or in a large bowl of fresh fromage blanc. What’s more, you can accompany all these delicacies with beautiful slices of Poilâne bread, baked overnight… But the C.O.Q. Hotel would be nothing without… an egg!


The egg is a must at the C.O.Q.!

What greater pleasure is there in the morning than to dip a finger of freshly baked bread, spread with butter – salty for the purists! – in the runny and still warm yolk of a boiled egg just out of the pan? The C.O.Q. Hôtel would not be living up to its name if it couldn't offer you a traditionally prepared egg for your breakfast. And if the taste is not enough to convince you, remember that an egg for breakfast provides you with the essential nutrients you need to face a busy morning of visiting, shopping, working... or lazing around!


From 07:00 to 10:30, enjoy the breakfast buffet at the C.O.Q Hotel. Fresh and seasonal fruits, freshly squeezed juices, jams, cold meats and artisanal cheeses, freshly baked bread and, of course, a boiled egg served on the spot, everything is in place to help you start your day perfectly, right from the crowing of the C.O.Q.!


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