All the spirit of C.O.Q at the Comptoir Tempero

All the spirit of C.O.Q at the Comptoir Tempero

Published on August 5, 2018 in Paris "OUT"

Your C.O.Q Hotel offers you another way of living in Paris. Distancing itself from clichés and crowds of tourists, it plunges you into a contemporary and dynamic Paris that is constantly evolving. In this spirit, we invite you to check out one of our neighbours, the Comptoir Tempero.


The Comptoir Tempero and its unique spirit

With the success of its first restaurant, the Comptoir Tempero has just opened a second, also in the 13th arrondissement. Why do locals and people working in the district flock here in droves? To enjoy a warm and welcoming ambiance, a minimalist but immensely appealing décor, and especially the cuisine of Alessandra, the Brazilian, and Olivier, who is French. Whether you want to take your time over lunch or dine on the run before a hectic Parisian evening, the Tempero is the place for you.


A fresh choice every day

We can’t describe the Tempero menu as it does not exist. Taking inspiration from the day and the fresh ingredients available, the chef concocts three starters, three dishes, and three desserts that you will find displayed on the slate ... as in any good bistro! The guiding thread of these creations is a cuisine consisting of simple ingredients whose flavours are brought forth by masterful skill and a handful of little secrets distinguished by their inventiveness. Veloutés, eggs, cod, black rice, mashed potatoes; each dish evokes the very essence of popular cuisine while adding the touch of fusion and inspiration that makes it unforgettable.

Mingle with the local Parisians and regulars at the Comptoir Tempero. You will find this authentic and contemporary restaurant of uncomplicated spirit a short stroll from your C.O.Q Hotel, which also embodies the love of beautiful and good things, without snobbery or pretension.