A shop you should not miss; Belleville Brûlerie in Grenelle

A shop you should not miss; Belleville Brûlerie in Grenelle

Published on July 5, 2019 in Paris "OUT"

Your C.O.Q. Hotel loves to recommend the small shops and artisans of its own neighbourhood. However, this time we’re making an exception and telling you about a new favourite of ours in Grenelle in the 7th arrondissement. It’s Belleville Brûlerie and it’s a true magnet for coffee lovers.


The concept of Belleville Brûlerie in Grenelle

Behind the concept of the shop called Belleville Brûlerie are coffee roasters and master blenders who are passionate about their craft. According to them, drinking an excellent coffee is not only within everyone's reach, but should not be a technical headache, either. That's why they design and blend delicious coffee every day that can be enjoyed even as a filter coffee. Enter their world by stepping through the door of their first shop on the Left Bank, in Grenelle. We have already become addicted to the place!


A shop and an ambiance

A shop dedicated solely to coffee? You’ve dreamed of it, and here it is. Here you can purchase exceptional coffees and blends that reflect the commitment of not only the roasters, but also the producers and importers. If you’re short of time or don’t want to overly complicate matters, several instant coffees are available, each seemingly more delicious than the rest. What makes this store so great is the infectious enthusiasm of the team behind it. These hardcore coffee fans are eager to share their passion and in-depth knowledge and do so with friendliness and charm. They’re happy to help you choose the blends that you’ll enjoy the most and advise you on the choice of a coffee machine that will revolutionise your breakfasts and snack breaks.

We’re very keen about recommending the Belleville Brûlerie in Grenelle. Share the passions of your C.O.Q. Hotel!



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