A secret address for you; the Café Curieux

A secret address for you; the Café Curieux

Published on December 5, 2018 in Paris "OUT"

The Café Curieux is a small, charming, unique and intimate place that will undoubtedly become your café of choice. A coffee shop that is joyously filled with all kinds of interesting bric à brac, it’s a true cabinet of curiosity inviting you on a secret journey in the heart of Paris.


A trip back in time on the Parisian Left Bank

A distinct diversion from the typical lounge atmosphere, the Café Curieux is aptly named and presents itself as a charming den that will put you in mind of a wacky but cool grandmother. This is a café where you can drink and snack, but also a flea market where you will love to search and browse. Almost everything is for sale at the Café Curieux, so if a chair or a trinket takes your fancy, don’t hesitate to ask the price. The atmosphere is welcoming, the people in charge of the place are friendly, and the playlist is soothingly gentle. A completely unexpected establishment in the Latin Quarter of Paris, the Café Curieux is well worth the detour for a coffee, a piece of cake, and to sit and daydream.


C.O.Q. Hotel; a place like no other

Nestled in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the COQ Hotel is first and foremost a hotel, but also the place for many convivial events. The warm decor immediately sets the tone, and reflects the hotel's personality, with its nuanced colours, vintage furniture, and plush sofas inviting you to sink deep. Its four stars guarantee a perfect stay during which comfort and high-end service will be the order of the day. The spacious and cosy rooms will be your haven of relaxation. Book your stay at the COQ Hôtel today!



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