A new place of Parisian life

A new place of Parisian life

Published on August 25, 2016 in Coq "IN"

The C.O.Q Hotel Paris is born of an inner conviction based on the search for meaning and togetherness, the desire to offer new experiences, relevant services...


We offer an establishment that is much more than a hotel. C.O.Q. stands for ‘Community Of Quality’.


This new place of Parisian life was conceived in the spirit of a lively club that is run by and for its members.


Hotel guests, friends in transit, regulars or those who stay just one evening; everyone is invited to enjoy the ‘City Guide’ and contribute by sharing their interesting places, discovered treasures, recommendations, tips, advice, discoveries and the highlights of their day.


Why not just improvise an event and invite your fellow travellers?


The C.O.Q. Hotel Paris was designed for everyone to find the space that suits them whatever the time of day or night.


The lounge, the lobby and the winter garden become alternately a cinema, meeting room, exhibition space or show venue.


Real living, exchange and sharing, it all feels so right at the C.O.Q. Hotel Paris.


Its founder, a lover of the art of French living and the real Paris, has created a home in this image.


Everything has been designed to make everyone feel at home and welcome to contribute to the life of the place.


At a time when social networks create new means of communication and sharing, the C.O.Q. Hotel is profoundly a part of its time: open, connected and dynamic.