A different side of Paris; the Village des Peupliers

A different side of Paris; the Village des Peupliers

Published on September 5, 2019 in Paris "OUT"

Your C.O.Q. Hotel stands in a delightful district whose beautiful and fascinating secrets our team loves to reveal; the 13th arrondissement. Today, they invite you to discover a village amidst the city, a timeless place tucked away from the urban clamour; the Village des Peupliers (Village of Poplars)...


The Village des Peupliers; a bucolic haven in Paris

To get to the Village des Peupliers, you will need to take a short ride on the Metro or by bus from your C.O.Q. Hotel. However, you’ll agree that the brief journey is more than worth your while when you discover the 13th arrondissement with its broad and lively streets, numerous shops and multi-ethnic influences. Yet, just a few minutes’ walk from the Tolbiac station, you’ll find yourself immersed in another time, another ambiance. Small colourful houses, cobbled streets lined with wrought iron railings, greenery overflowing the street, flower-filled balconies and cats basking in the sun… Welcome to the Village des Peupliers!


Serene and picturesque

Some visitors think they are back in the mid-20th century, some say it looks like a film set, while others make comparisons with the London district of Notting Hill... What will your impression be? Whatever your reaction, these quiet little streets where cars are not welcome encourage you to linger, take your time and savour every step. Wander around and you’ll notice exquisite little details; the elegance of a wrought iron marquise, the brilliance of a geranium, the beauty of a facade crafted from millstone. When you enter the Avenue d'Italie, with its tall modern buildings, the contrast is striking. So, why not perpetuate the magic by visiting the nearby Butte aux Cailles?

Paris has countless fascinating facets. For a full day of discoveries or a short walk that’s easy to fit into your schedule, ask for the recommendations of your C.O.Q. Hotel team. They will be delighted to share with you the charms of our delightful neighbourhood!



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