A C.O.Q.-style wedding

A C.O.Q.-style wedding

Published on July 1, 2022 in Coq "IN"

Who doesn't dream of getting married in Paris, that most romantic of cities? Imagine the most glorious celebration of your union, from a wedding ceremony worthy of a movie star with Paris as the backdrop to the most joyous of receptions afterwards... The C.O.Q. is here to make your dream come true!


The C.O.Q. as your wedding setting

For your wedding, the C.O.Q. offers you a typically Parisian decor. Our beautiful classic stone facade will be the first glimpse of the hotel for you and your guests. Step inside and the friendly, arty and bohemian design draws you into a cool and refined haven in which plants, colours and warm materials play an essential role. You will find the intimate variation in the heart of the rooms. Thus, on your wedding day you will have an atmosphere that is both elegant and original, while still being very welcoming and full of personality.    


The services of the C.O.Q. for your wedding

You will be like a C.O.Q. in dough throughout this exceptional day! The C.O.Q. will welcome you with professionalism and kindness and provide all the help you need in organising the reception on your big day. We will do everything possible to ensure that it all goes just as you have always dreamed it would. The bride will have somewhere comfortable and inviting in which to get ready. We will also adapt the hotel’s spaces in accordance with your desires. A welcoming glass of wine? A wedding banquet? Our spaces can be adapted as you wish. And, of course, we will receive you for a sweet and romantic wedding night with thoughtfulness and little special details.


Do you dream of getting married in Paris? Team up with the C.O.Q. Hotel and we will support you in preparing for your special day and help make it one you will always remember.


Photo: Pierre ATELIER

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